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Why You Want Car Insurance

When you first bought that car, you were probably mainly concerned about how it looked and how much you had to pay each month. However, if you want to keep driving your new ride, you need to understand the importance of car insurance. There are a lot of options out there, which is why I decided to make a website about auto insurance policies. As a car enthusiast, I currently own 21 cars, and I could tell you horror stories about people who decided not to worry about insurance. If you want to protect your investment and your personal wealth, auto insurance is something that you need to have. I made this website to teach others about auto insurance, so that you can make a great choice.

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Why You Want Car Insurance


What's the Difference Between Actual Cash Value & Replacement Cost?

When it comes to your insurance company replacing stolen items or items damaged in a fire or flood, you might hear a few different terms thrown around: actual cash value and replacement cost. What exactly is different between these two types of reimbursement and how will this affect what sort of costs you can recoup from your insurance claim? This brief article will serve to help you distinguish between the two and also attempt to bridge a common ground between these two phrases.

Options For Insuring Your Motorcycle While It's In Storage

Canada is well known for its cold weather, so chances are pretty good you will only be riding your motorcycle a few months out of the year. Since theft or disaster can strike at any time, maintaining insurance on your bike will protect your asset in case something happens to it while it is in storage. At the same time, though, it seems silly to spend a lot of money on something you most likely won't use.

4 Main Factors That Influence The Costs Of Auto Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance is something that every driver needs, but the costs on policies can very drastically. Have you ever wondered what factors really play a role in the costs of an auto insurance policy? It can depend on the insurance company, but the cost of most auto policies are based on the following four factors. Where You Live The province you live in automatically plays a role in the rates you will pay for your auto insurance.

3 Types Of Insurance Every Business Owner Should Have

Do you remember the day you decided to start your own business? Although you might have had visions of round-table discussions and skyrocketing stock prices, the real world can be a little unkind to companies—unless you protect yourself with an ironclad insurance policy. Here are three types of insurance every business owner should have, and why: 1: Product Liability Insurance After you have made your products, packaged them, and shipped them out into the world, you never know how people will use them.

Keeping Your Aftermarket Stereo If Your Car Is Totaled

You've just received a phone call from your car insurance company following up on an accident you were in. They explain that the value of your car is less than the cost of the repairs, and, therefore, they plan on totaling it. "But...but…" you stammer, thinking about the aftermarket stereo you paid thousands of dollars for. Isn't there a way to salvage your stereo? If you talk with your insurance adjuster, there might be.

Young, Healthy And Insured: Why You Should Buy Life Insurance As A Young Adult

When you're young and facing a world full of possibilities, the last thing you want to think about is your own mortality and the need for life insurance. After all, in your late teens and early adulthood, your focus is on the opportunities ahead of you and enjoying life, not considering the potential of death. There are many situations, though, where you'll want to think about investing in a life insurance policy to protect your family.

2 Important Steps To Take Before Leaving On A Dream Vacation

If you have been saving up for years to take a trip of a lifetime, there are several things you may want to think about doing before you leave on your trip. Taking exciting vacations can be expensive, and you may want to take some extra steps to protect your family, your investment, and the things you own. Here are two things you may want to consider doing before you leave on your highly-anticipated vacation.

3 Reasons You Should Work With An Insurance Broker

Are you in the market for a new insurance policy? Before you grab your dictionary and start looking for information online, you should know that choosing a new plan doesn't have to be painful. Here are three reasons you should work with an insurance broker, and why you won't regret your decision: 1: Objective Advice Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down with an industry expert and hear the real deal about all of your available insurance options?